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Love Is an Expression

Love smells like the air after the Heavens have released rain. The scent of love is a sweet symphony within the dreams of mankind. The dreams of taste from love. Love is an astonishing sound in an ensemble of musical connection in human souls. If man could touch love there would be a shock of individual touches of love. Individually love is colorful. The color of love is blue and soft. It is the color of rain. That clears the thoughts of humans, love moves through the soul smoothly; it does not dominate the soul.

Chynna Cowart
Age 13
2009 Each Woman Teach One
Girls Empowerment Workshop.

The Smell of Love

Smell it: it would be a sweet fragrance that tickles the nose. The smell would simply lift you off your feet.

Taste it: love would taste like chocolate, leaving a stain on your tongue. Love has a distinct taste, which you will never forget.

The sound of it: Love would sound like the voice that rings softly in your ears. Love sounds like the words that slip through their lips.

Touch it: Love would feel like a soft, silk blanket wrapped around your arms. Love would feel like the butterflies dancing in your heart.

The Color of it: Love is the color of a painter’s canvas. It starts off blank, but as you paint your left with colors that will last forever.

The movement of it: Love moves like a dancer feet. It moves to the beat of your heart, love moves as you go gracefully flowing.

By: Sabre Morris
Age 13
Each One Teach One
Girls Empowerment Workshop
By www.athleticsandbeyond.com

Girls Empowerment – Art from Ashes Workshop Evaluations

Lenasia McClendon
In this workshop I liked how supportive everyone was. They made you feel special.

Crystal Munoz
I thought it made me think of something I wouldn’t normally think of.

I like this workshop because we learned about poetry.

Amanda Sanchez
I liked how we can express how we feel about things.

I felt weird because it was my first workshop.

Aquaila Barber, 14
It was very inspirational and it let people experience that no matter what your “left brain tells you you are an artist in some way”.

Chmura R Smith (Mura)
I thought today’s workshop was so fun I liked listening to all the poems and I wrote a poem and was too shy to read it.

Maia Roberts
I really liked this workshop it has inspired me to write more.

Nia Smallwood
I liked that we could share our poems with everyone if we wanted to and we didn’t if we didn’t.

Chynna Cowart
I liked the freedom of expression.

Marlena Harper
My experience within this room was good because it taught me a new way to work.

Arianna Rogers
This is a good workshop It helps me show my feelings in a way that I would have never thought of doing. It also help me open up a lot of my feelings more I also like how reality reads poems.

Alayah Jazzmin
I felt good because I got to express my feeling.

Um How I feel about the workshop is that it’s wack, I’m just being real so don’t take it to heart.

Vonia Adams
It was unexpected but I liked it. I love to write so this was right up my alley.

I didn’t like that we had to do poems. I’m just here because of my sister. I would rather draw about cheetahs, rain, and flowers.

Dominique Lovato
I liked the class because we wrote our own poems and we got to share what we wrote and someone shared a poem with the group.

Mitzy Vega
What I liked about this class was that they encouraged you to be creative and everyone was really open minded.

Alexis Aviles
I felt that the poetry workshop was fun and you were all great! I don’t think you should change anything about the workshops.

RayVon Tosber
My experience in this class today was good I liked it. I liked hearing the other girls perspective of love and other things because they all were so much similar to mine.

Amber Zara Shrode
I liked the workshop because it made me look at a different point of view in poetry and it is inspiring.

Doris Garcia
Opened up my thoughts had me thinking to try Art from Ashes.

(No Name)
What I liked about this is writing poems.

Aireon Miller
It was like a good day I can show all my feelings.

Chastdey Rogers, 14
I liked the poems I like Reality’s poems. It was cool.

Chianne M Craven
This workshop was very fun because it helped me express myself in a new way.

Iola Riggins
The workshop helped me become more open with who I am, showed me not to be so afraid to trust and to show feelings.

Cecadria Waite
I like the workshop the reason being is because it really helping me to better myself as a young girl. And teaching me right from words.

What I liked about this class was we got to write our own poems.
What I don’t like is we got to say our poems.

Aleonya Bailey
I really liked the session because I like writing poems. I just wish I would’ve shared mine.

Elena Silva
I liked this class even thought I was shy to go up and say my poem.

Mylea Riggins
I liked everything about the workshop. I found out how to have self pride, self confidence. How to be INDEPENDENT in life self defense.

Cheyenne Martin
I like the people who did their poems they was really good. And it inspired me to do more poetry.

Bria Mayes
I loved both writing and sharing my poetry. But next time I would like more time because I had a lot more to say.

Raelin McClendon
The work shop was so fun you guys taught me a lot thank you guys.

Kendra Martin
I like that everyone expressed themself and enjoyed each others poems. Got loose and felt comfortable.

Juliah Peters
This workshop opened me up and helped me express myself in a fun way. One thing I would change is possibly they try to make everyone share their poem because a lot of people are shy. Also make the workshop longer.

Scared but inspired to do poetry a different way to past time and stay out of trouble.

Jasmine Martin
I like that how some of the girls told their story or poems.

Ashanti Gosher
I felt that this was a good way to help people write poetry and not be so self critical. It also allowed us the chance to tap into are poetic side.

I felt great about this workshop because I love poetry and lets me get a front the real world into my own world.

Voyd Davis
I thought this workshop because I loved the environment of how everyone felt. The feeling of this workshop helped me to express my feelings by doing something so simple.

Lileanna Alvarez
Making poetry

Tiore Kora
I liked the workshop because I like to express myself on paper and I will love to be a good poet like JJ/Reality.

Christian Boone
I like the workshop it was very inspiring to me and it had a very good perspective.

Jessica Gay
The one thing that I did like was when she was reading her poem or poetry.

Meikko Love
I love this workshop because we are to share our feelings about lots of things.

Tahiac Davison
What I loved abut this workshop is we expressed our feelings and had be creative.

Kristel Hernandez
I liked that we just got to write and express ourselves in poetry.

Brandee Estrada
I liked the workshop because everyone was so powerful and was very open.

Kalita Tau
I liked that we got to hear Reality again and I didn’t like we had to do senses.

Angaliaya Fisher Jones
That you get to write your own poem.
Andrea Padilla
This class is good I like the people is have conjiansa.

Akhari Davis
I liked that they encouraged us and let know that our voice and what we say truly matters and they made us comfortable.

Kiara Williams
I don’t like reading in front of people. I have stage fright I love how Reality reads poems. She is so expressive.

Desarae Pride
I like the poems and there is no boys and I really like the poems that the girls ready they were beautiful.

Eboni S.
I liked being able to write a poem off the spot. I didn’t like having to do their topic because I like to do my own to pic.

Yesainya Ford
I liked this workshop because it helped me to understand how most poems are created and help me explore more of my creative side.

Adriana Padilla Smith
I like to this class I can’t open my mind and my heart.

I like it when she read off the topics or the main idea it was easier to write other then writing the top of your head.

Shamiya Rogers
I think it is really good because I really love to write poems and I would love how to get better at poetry. I liked the way I was showed how to get it started and free flow. And I really didn’t have to make sense because in the end my poem can being a beautiful message if I try and put my all into it.

Katrishay Quarles
I thought this group was great I learned every means different things and no one is the same.

Leeah Flores
I like this workshop it had help me express myself in poetry.

Jackie Chapman
I liked writing poetry.

I like when the classmates read their poems.

Samantha Shrode
Made someone speak out.

Tyshanae Ferguson
The one thing I loved was when you said there are no rules to our creativity.

(No Name)
Did like: I like that all my family members were here and some of the class here.
Didn’t like: I didn’t really like that I was sleepy in most of the classes and that I missed up on something.

Janae Stamps
I didn’t like anything about this class. I don’t even want to be here.

Larissa Valeria
I liked being creative with it. I liked it!

Daeshaneve Waker
What I like about this class was that the poems were great and like the way the ladies taught us how to say the poem.

Jazmyne Peters
I liked this workshop because it helped me write poetry even though I usually can’t find the words to do it.

I like that there was only girls here.

Tausha Lucero
I liked listening to everyone’s poems.

Lakisha Mannings
One thing I have learned is a quick messy poem job can turn into a beautiful poem. One thing I didn’t like or was annoying was the main speaker repeated herself too much.

What I like about this workshop is that you can express your feeling, thoughts, and what’s on your mind about it. I like that you can write about what’s on your mind.

Sabre Morris
I was able to write a great poem in 5 minutes!

Shayla Monteiro
New prospectives and new methods I can contribute to my day to day life and try to abide by.

Alex Broadway
Nervous but otherwise it was don’t change it gave people a chance to open up.

I didn’t like that we didn’t get to choose our own topic (how we only talked about “love”)

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