We employ the Whole Child Approach as a Mentoring Program

The MISSION of Athletics & Beyond is to create OPPORTUNITY through EXPOSURE.

We employ the “Athletics & Beyond (A&B) Student Athlete Program” as the foundation to produce marketable and successful citizens.

Celebrating 10 Years of Serving the Community & Our Youth

Athletics & Beyond is a nonprofit organization that is intrinsically designed to increase and expand the educational trajectories of Denver students at-risk for high school and college in completion. A&B’s mission is to create opportunity through exposure. By using athletics to capture the attention of student athletes, A&B incorporates robust services that also provide participants with the opportunity to develop life skills, explore alternative careers, and have access to preparatory rigorous academic support. Such services have enabled A&B to engage students academically and dramatically increase the likelihood that inner-city students graduate high school, attend and are prepared for higher education as well as obtain the discipline and fortitude to graduate with a post-secondary degree.

The A&B student athlete program (SAP) consists of four components: 1) Educational Success, 2) Life Skills Building, 3) Career Options and 4) Athletic Development. SAP focuses on at-risk children and youth primarily attending Denver Public Schools (DPS). Currently, there are no other programs in the Denver metro area that combine the aforementioned components into a whole-child approach to at-risk youth development. With the organization’s foundation goal and mission to increase high school and post-secondary, this approach has produced graduation and retention rates that are unrivaled by other organizations in the Denver Metro area. The Educational Success component of SAP provides academic support and resources and intensive mentoring. A&B hosts National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility Center workshops, requires academic tutoring; ACT and SAT preparation and testing and monitoring of the academic progress of students. Additionally, throughout the year A&B student athletes participate in college campus tours and sports camps and combines.

"My Brothers Keeper Initiative"

The National Mentoring Partnership is proud to collaborate on President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, a public, private and philanthropic effort to support boys and young men of color in reaching their full potential. The My Brother’s Keeper Task Force identified mentoring as a critical component of the initiative. As the unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring, MENTOR has served as an advisor to inform the task force recommendation to launch a public-private campaign to actively recruit high-quality, sustained mentors for all youth and increase support for the capacity of mentoring programs to deliver impactful outcomes. MENTOR’s volunteer search engine is powering this effort and thousands of individuals have already used this tool on the White House website to look for mentoring opportunities in their communities.