We employ the Whole Child Approach as a Mentoring Program

Life Skills Program

EARLY ADULT EDUCATION (E.A.E.) is a spear forward motivation program. This is our preparation for life after high school program. Our young adults will learn everything from how to interview to preparing meals. These are very important skills for our young adults as they prepare for life beyond high school.  

The summer of 2017 5 young adults are interning for Athletics & Beyond Board of Directors and Executive Director in partnership with the City and County of Denver Office of Economic Development Summer Youth Employment Program. Denver Public Schools Families and Community Engagement (FACE) program. A&B Board members Treasurer Michelle McGee and HR Director Donna Edwards manage this pilot program for A&B. Alumni learned about resume writing, filling out an application, interviewing skills, work culture interaction and career exploration.

Athletics & Beyond Early Adult Education After School Program


Creating adolescents, who are more prepared to face life’s challenges after high school. Equip with properly trained life-skill tools and knowledge in maintaining independence and freedom in their adult lives without requiring parental or governmental assistance.


To develop positive life skilled and knowledgeable adolescents who will be equip to handle the everyday challenges encountered in the real world with educational characteristics while incorporating the significance of independence and self-empowerment.


To teach adolescents the right skills to maintain a checking account, good credit standings, a savings account, financial literacy & budgeting, and caring for one’s independence. With the abilities to understand the requirements and responsibilities considered necessary in applications pertaining to housing rental, school, loans, banking and credit cards and the how-to in furnishing their first apartment, cooking and washing clothing.

Preparation for Life and Living After High School Teaching adolescents the life skills that incorporate the right education, capability and independence to care for themselves. With the knowledge of how to maintain life after High School and the ability to bring the right attitude to any situation.

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